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Sunday, 10 February 2008

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What Would You Give, What Would You Risk, to Find a World of Your



San Diego, CA, Feb 6, 2008 - In Land of the Créoles,the author Arlette Gaffrey tells of a

sweeping tale of love, marriage, and betrayal set in the romantic city of New Orleans in the

early years of the nineteenth century.


It is the story of André Raphael de Javon, who had escaped the French Revolution as a

child. Now a young man, Andre has come to New Orleans to start a new life and make his

fortune in a land that is ripe with opportunity-only recently had Napoleon sold the city to

the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase, and the Crescent City, as it was

affectionately known, was growing by leaps and bounds.


In due time, Andre has become one of the wealthiest plantation owners in the area and a

very eligible bachelor. Julie Marie, young daughter of Jean-Claude Charlevoix, friend and

mentor of Andre, falls in love with the handsome Frenchman. But Andre instead marries

Gabrielle Ste. Claire, who turns his life into a living hell. When Gabrielle dies, she leaves

Andre with her illegitimate son to raise. It is only then that Andre recognizes his true

feelings for Julie, now a beautiful young woman. But will Julie still have him-a man who

is more than ten years her senior and guardian to a bastard son-or is it too late to finally

find true love?


Land of the Créoles is an exciting tale from one of America's most romantic historic

periods. Told as only a New Orleans native could, it will tug at the heartstrings of the

reader, leaving one enthralled until the very last page. With appearances by some of the

era's most colorful characters-including General Andrew Jackson and the notorious pirate

Jean Lafitte-this is one adventure you won't soon forget.


About the book:

Land of the Créoles by Arlette Gaffrey

ISBN: 978-0-9788-8910-4

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Publish date: Nov 2006

Pages: 400

S.R.P.: $13.95


About the Author

Arlette Marie Gaffrey is of French-Spanish Créole descent. Many generations of her family were

born and raised in New Orleans, affectionately known as "The Big Easy," one of the oldest cities

in the United States. Arlette, who was married to a career naval officer, traveled a lot with their

children. A grandmother of six, she and her family currently live in San Diego.



Note: Review copies of this book are available by replying to this e-mail.

Please include your mailing address.


"Arlette Gaffrey" <>

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Fast-paced novel investigates police abuses in New York



Amelia Island, FL, Feb 7, 2008 - The Copper Indian turns the calendar back a half a

century to when the police used profiling and intuition, and had fun even when some of

their actions exceeded moral ambiguities.


The booking of a dead man, manipulating the press, and hiding a dead body, were not

bad enough, but giving a female junkie drugs to persuade her boyfriend to turn informant,

and submitting bogus expense accounts could be considered "crossing the line." These

are the type of situations that confronted Jim Utze, an idealistic Native American; first as

a patrolman and later as a narc. His values crashed into the storied culture of the NYPD

in the 1950s and '60s when he became a "copper."


As the erosion of his integrity accelerates, Detective Utze questions his continuing

acceptance of the system and he considers leaving for the FBI. Even his girlfriend, an

Israeli mystry woman, becomes an enigma, especially when Jim suspects she may have

played a part in the use of his personal weapon in an assassination of a Syrian agent.


About the book:

The Copper Indian by J.P. Morgan

ISBN: 978-1-60477-255-8

Publisher: Xulon Press

Date of publish: Dec 2007

Pages: 244

S.R.P.: $14.99


About the author:

Dr. Morgan has almost forty years of law enforcement experience; half on the front lines

at the municipal, state and federal level, and half in academia as a tenured Associate

Professor and Department Chairman at one university, and Director of the Police Science
Division at another.


"J.P. Morgan" <>

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Take the Stress Out of Managing Salespeople

Minneapolis, MN, Feb 7, 2008 - Author Tom Schaber is not only a veteran Road

Warrior, but brings a depth of knowledge from his 30 years experience in sales and sales

management. The Road Warrior's Guide to Sales Management: Taking the Stress

Out of Managing Salespeople is a straight forward look at the opportunities and pitfalls

of sales management and is designed to help the business owner or sales manager to

optimize their profits through an organized practical approach to the sales process.

Step-by-step guide includes:
.    When to hire sales people or expand a sales organization
.    How to find qualified sales professionals
.    Sure-fire methods to select just the right person for sales
.    Goal setting that really works
.    How to get results without long boring sales meetings
.    Mentoring and coaching the sales professional
.    Assigning accounts and creating sales territories
.    How to fire a non-performer - without being sued

The Road Warrior's Guide to Sales Management can be used as a business manual for

sales management, a trouble shooting guide, or a step-by-step planning tool for your sales


About the book:

The Road Warrior's Guide To Sales Management by Tom Schaber

ISBN: 1-159298-199-2

Publisher: Beaver's Pond Press

Date of publish: Jan 2008

Pages: 151

S.R.P.: $17.00


Available from Ingram, or Bookhouse Fulfillment


About the author:

Tom Schaber has worked with and for organizations ranging from Fortune 100

corporations to one-person start-ups and with industries ranging from high tech medical

devices to parts distributors. He spent twenty years in the medical device industry--first

as a sales person and later as a regional sales manager, national sales manager, and vice

president of sales. Tom owned his own sales training franchise for eight years and has

spent the last four years as a sales management consultant in Minneapolis and St. Paul,


"Tom Schaber" <>


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New book:

Willie's Dad

Incarcerated dad struggles with his 

son's future


Kalamazoo, MI, Feb 8, 2008 - Michigan-based author Stanley Williams has taken

realistic children's fiction to an unusual and highly emotional location with his first

illustrated book, Willie's Dad.


The story takes places primarily in a prison visiting room, where a son is visiting his

incarcerated father. Willie's dad is in jail. He is worried that if something does not

change, Willie will not have a good chance in life. Willie's dad makes a hard decision,

based on unselfish love for his son.


Williams wrote the story of a father's unselfish love for his son with tasteful authenticity.

The illustrations by his teaching colleague, Najima Abdul- Haqq, expertly render

sympathetic visual realism to the story.


Mr. Williams was a correctional officer at a medium-security prison in Illinois for over

six years, during the 1980's. He has been an elementary school teacher for over eight

years, up to the present. Williams conceived the story early in his teaching career, and

spent several years creating the story, and refining it into the book it is today. He shared

his story with fellow teacher Naima Abdul- Haqq, who agreed to illustrate. Haqq is the

art teacher in the same elementary school as Williams.


Williams and Abdul-Haqq have been collaborating on this book for over two years.

Williams and Abdul-Haqq have pledged 10% of all net profits from the book be

contributed to a college fund for the Covert (Michigan) School District graduates. They

both work at Covert Elementary School. Williams has another children's book due out

later this year, illustrated by a different teacher from the same school. Willie's Dad

precedes another Williams-Haqq collaboration featuring Willie, Willie's Mom.


About the book:

Willie's Dad by Stanley Williams

ISBN: 978-0-6151-9121-8

Publisher: Williamspublishing

Date of publish: Jan 2008

Pages: 26

S.R.P.: $12.50


About the author:

Stanley Williams is an elementary school teacher and master's student at Western

Michigan University. Williams is a former U.S. Marine and State of Illinois correctional

officer. He is married and resides in Kalamazoo.

"Stanley Williams" <>

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Monday, 4 February 2008

Now Playing: Adoption issue

Rapidly Changing Face of Adoption Creates New Challenges for Parents and


New book offers placement and counseling professionals specific guidance for screening and preparing

parents and children and offering them appropriate therapy.


SEATTLE, Jan 9, 2008 - Perspectives Press, Inc., The Infertility and Adoption Publisher, has released

attachment therapist and trainer Deborah Gray's second guide for parents and professionals working with older

and post-institutionalized adopted children Nurturing Adoptions: Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma


A follow-up to her highly praised Attaching in Adoption: Practical Strategies for Parents and Professionals,

Nurturing Adoptions is Gray's toolbox for professionals-social work, mental health, medical, etc.-whose

practices include fostered and adopted children (from both the US and abroad) who have experienced neglect,

abuse, and other traumas which impact their ability to experience normalcy in family life


Nurturing Adoptions: Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma explores changes which have resulted in

higher proportions of children being adopted from multiple foster care placements and from institutional care, at

older ages and after repeated exposures to neglect and trauma.


Nurturing Adoptions: Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma digests and presents important new brain

research which changes the way we understand how post-traumatic stress restructures the brain and then offers

practical strategies for helping children and their families


Nurturing Adoptions offers social workers and mental health professionals tools for:

·       Identifying and treating problems in traumatized children which will challenge family life

·       Assessing and preparing families for adoption

·       Matching children with families

·       Making careful moves in transitioning children

·       Helping children and parents to understand difficult pasts and prepare for a healthier future

·       Understanding and implementing the separate but equally important,t roles of social workers, mental health

workers and physicals in today's adoptive placements

·       Building professional practices networked for support and enhanced professional continuing education


As one advance reader, Julian Davies, MD, Co-Director of The Center for Adoption Medicine, University of

Washington, noted, "The 'required reading in adoption' list just got longer, and shorter. Nurturing Adoptions is

several long-awaited books in one: a deft overview of neglect and trauma's effects on children and families, a

collection of practical pearls for adoptive parents, a best practices primer for child welfare professionals, and a

lovely illustration for child therapists of Deborah Gray's state-of-the-art therapeutic approach."


About the book:
Nurturing Adoptions: Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma by Deborah Gray

ISBN: 978-0-944934-33-3

Publisher: Perspectives Press, Inc

Date of publish: Fall, 2007

S.R.P.: $26.95


Available for purchase at, Barnes & Noble, independent booksellers, a variety of on-line

adoption sites, and directly from Perspectives Press, Inc. (


About the Author:

Deborah Gray is a Seattle-based therapist practicing exclusively with foster and adoptive families. A frequently

recommended trainer, she is noted for her rare ability to "think like a child" in formatting practical therapeutic

tools which will engage them.



Pat Johnston , 317-872-3055 ,


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Now Playing: A mystery

New "Holy Grail Frequency" Marks Turning Point in Great Pyramid



Staffordshire, UK, Jan 14, 2008 - Philip Gardiner, will show precisely what the purpose

of the Great Pyramid at Giza, and many other ancient monuments, truly was.


In his new Book, DVD and audio book, Gateways to the Otherworld, Gardiner unravels

the mystery using science, etymology and hard analysis to show that there is indeed a

special universal frequency that ancient man understood to be the true method of opening

up a gateway in the mind to what we now term, Otherworlds.


The discovery will be of profound interest to all those interested in ancient and sacred

sites as well as life-after-death investigators, ghost hunters and religious historians. The

key to unlocking the many mysteries surrounding these areas of investigation may well

now be here and involves the understanding of the very energy of the earth itself and our

connection to it. In fact it is the Holy Grail of the paranormal phenomena world, hence

the name given by one of the investigators who aided Gardiner in his work.


Philip Gardiner is the best selling author of The Ark, The Shroud and Mary, Gnosis: The

Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed and Secret Societies: Gardiner's Forbidden

Knowledge. He has several DVD films out distributed by and speaks

regularly at international venues from Australia to America. His website is


About the book:

Gateways to the Otherworld by Philip Gardener

ISBN: 978-1-56414-925-1

Publisher: New Page Books

Publish date: Jan 2008

Pages: 263

S.R.P.: $17.99


About the author:

Philip Gardiner is the international best-selling author of several books, including Gnosis:

The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed, The Ark, The Shroud and Mary and Secret

Societies: Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and

television shows and has made several documentaries based upon his work, including

Freemasonry for the Discovery Channel. His website is


Contact: Paul Hughes , Real2Can Book Publicity , +44-1782265022 ,

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Now Playing: New request

"Celestine Publishing released its newest publication, On Common Ground. It presents

real experiences and more than 2,000 principles Latter-day Saints and the rest of the

Christian world share as true."


Raleigh, NC, Jan 25, 2008 -  Celestine Publishing, LLC announced the release of On

Common Ground: Bridging the Mormon-Evangelical Divide. This book introduces a new

approach to help bridge what has been termed a divide between Later-day Saints and

Christian beliefs. On Common Ground is intended to foster a new level of understanding

and acceptance among all Christian religions.


On Common Ground author, Vincent DiGirolamo asserts, "All Mormons, Evangelicals,

Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists and many other

traditional, non-traditional, orthodox religions who believe in Christ are Christians.

Why? Because their fundamental belief in Christ and their practice of moral principles,

values, and gospel tenets, gives them hope in the promise of salvation through Christ, a

personal witness of His grace, and experience in His ways.


The common ground is the beliefs, principles and values they share, not in the way that

they are interpreted or practiced, nor their origins, but in the manifestation of the fruits

they bear and the manner of men they become through living those principles which are



On Common Ground has it roots in the Principles with Promise series which catalogs

thousands of doctrines, values, and teachings found in the scriptures, both biblical and

non-biblical text, held as holy writ from various religions. With this, the author takes a

new and refreshing, principled-centered approach by listing more than two thousand

principles he feels are the shared beliefs of Latter-day Saints and the rest of the Christian



When its author was asked how this book might be received by Evangelical Christians,

he responded, "I hope people of all faiths will consider the experiment I have suggested

in the book and judge each principle on its own merit as either true or false, one they can

accept or one they can not The true principles that remain define the common ground

between Latter-day Saints and their Christian neighbors. And I know from experience

that there is significantly more than what has been portrayed in the press these days."


DiGirolamo further explained that On Common Ground not only provides an

overwhelming number of principles to consider, he relates several personal stories to

illustrate how his experience with gospel principles parallels Christian beliefs; another

effort to bridge the so called divide. Celestine Publishing is a non-denominational

company with editors from a variety of religious backgrounds.


Surely, there must be common ground between people of all faiths. We just need to find

it by first seeking to understand what principles our neighbors hold to be true, and with

that knowledge, build the trust and relationships in our communities to do the good God

intended us to do so. Let's start there." concluded DiGirolamo.


About the book:

On Common Ground: Bridging the Mormon-Evangelical Divide by Vincent DiGirolamo

ISBN: 978-0-9786815-3-1

Publisher: Celestine Publishing

Date of publish: Jan 2008

Pages: 352

S.R.P.: $19.95



Vincent DiGirolamo ,


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New book: Fixer


Monterey, CA, Jan 29, 2008 - In Fixer, author Ed Brodow produces a

spellbinding tale of a fearless politician with a limp and a thirty eight who protects the

city's immigrants from a political system that favors the rich and the powerful.


Power broker Harry Leonnoff takes on Mayor Fiorello La Guardia in this thrilling novel

of New York City politics. From the degrading slums of the Lower East Side to the

bloody battle of Belleau Wood, Leonnoff becomes the champion of New York's

underclass. Uneducated son of Russian Jewish immigrants, Leonnoff confronts gangsters

and bigots, saves nine innocent black men from the electric chair, and becomes the

admired Robin Hood of Depression-Era New York. But a vindictive Mayor Fiorello La

Guardia forces Harry to make an impossible choice between his career and his integrity.

Ed Brodow introduces us to one of the most compelling antiheroes in contemporary

American fiction.

"A passionate, tough and colorful story...fascinating!"
- Iris Rainer Dart, author of Beaches

"Breathtaking! A powerful story and a real page-turner. Harry Leonnoff is an

unforgettable character."
- Susan RoAne, author of How to Work a Room

"An extraordinary book, and one you won't be able to put down."
-- C.L. Rossman at

"Extraordinarily interesting characters that are well drawn. The novel is never less than

fascinating reading. Ed Brodow is a born storyteller."
-- Grady Harp, Amazon Top 10 reviewer

"Brodow is a natural storyteller. Up there with the best of them!"
-- Ken Scott, author of Jack of Hearts


About the book:

Fixer by Ed Brodow

ISBN: 9781432717032

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Publish date: Nov 2007

Pages: 228

S.R.P.: $14.95

About the author:
Ed Brodow is the author of Negotiation Boot Camp and Beating the Success Trap. A

graduate of Brooklyn College and a member of Screen Actors Guild, he lives in

Monterey, California. Ed is an acclaimed motivational speaker, and in previous careers

was a Fortune 500 sales executive, Marine Corps officer and Hollywood actor with roles

opposite Jessica Lange, Ron Howard and Christopher Reeve.



Ed Brodow, 831-372-7270 , ,



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Weldon, CA, Jan 31, 2008 - The latest entry into the blockbuster field of Christian

apocalyptic fiction is Ralph D. Nybakken's new Damien The Man, Son of Perdition,

which provides one of the most chillingly imagined futures yet in the realm of this

burgeoning genre.


In this fast-paced religious thriller, Nybakken paints a near-term scenario that draws

heavily upon contemporary issues-from the Arab-Israeli conflict to fossil fuel-driven

politics to the European Union's ever-increasing power aggregation-and posits and

endgame that feels remarkably convincing.


It all starts off benign enough, with what was supposed to be the unveiling of mankind's

"greatest stride toward a better tomorrow": a massive, all-knowing computer network

designed to eliminate crime as well as food shortages. It's the pride and joy of Dr.

Michael Abbott Nelson, trusted confidante of the European Union's Secretary General,

Damien. But when Michael's best friends-and millions of other Christian believers-

suddenly disappear shortly after the system's introduction, it turns out to be the beginning

of an alarming string of catastrophes that appears headed toward a third world war.


Now, Michael and his wife, Tracy, are on the hunt for answers: Is it true, the rumors that

the Christians have been taken by their God? Just where are Damien's machinations

leading? Can his thirst for power be satisfied? And is there anything evil won't stop at

when it comes to quashing a nascent movement of born-again Christians?


Like a chess game played out on a global stage, Damien The Man shows how world

events, technology, politics and economics are marching toward a singularly important

new era. Find out why readers are saying Nybakken's new novel can only be called

fiction because the events depicted in it have not taken place-yet.


About the book:

Damien The Man, Son of Perdition by Ralph Nybakken

ISBN: 978-1-4327-0259-5

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Publish date: Nov 2008

Pages: 356

S.R.P.: $19.95


About the Author:

Ralph D. Nybakken is a former high school and college teacher, who has taught creative

writing, among other subjects. He is married with three children and five grandchildren.

Nybakken lives in Weldon, CA.



Ralph Nybakken , ,




NEW YORK, Jan 29, 2008 - Many people can pinpoint an experience in their lives that

changed them forever. Some call them "defining moments." Others refer to significant

"turning points." But Eric Kampmann calls it his "Jonah Moment." For Kampmann, it

was after emerging from a personal crisis with a new perspective that he committed

himself to encountering the words of the Bible on a daily basis in order to gain an

understanding of God's Word.


In part, Trail Thoughts was inspired by Kampmann's love of hiking the 2185 miles of

arduous, beautiful paths that comprise the Appalachian Trail. His time on the trail has

taught him that we need to step out of our normal routines in order to experience

firsthand the mystery and majesty of God's universe. He wrote this reader-friendly

devotional to help others who are on their own journeys, whether they have just begun

the trip or they are seasoned travelers.


It is designed as an accessible entryway into the beauty and profound truth of the biblical

narrative and its relevance to everyday experience. Each day includes a wisdom passage

from the Old Testament along with a short reflection to help readers in their own

explorations of faith. Sure to become an oft-read, dog-eared favorite, Trail Thoughts is

aptly dedicated to stargazers and trail-thinkers everywhere.


About the book:

Trail Thoughts: A Daily Companion for the Journey to Faith by Eric Kampmann

ISBN-13: 978-0-8253-0580-1

Publisher: Beaufort Books

Publish date: Feb 2008

Pages: 416

S.R.P.: $14.95


About the author:

Eric Kampmann received an undergraduate degree from Brown University and a

graduate degree in English at Stony Brook. He has been in the book publishing business

for his entire career and is currently president of two companies, Midpoint Trade Books,

Inc and Beaufort Books, Inc. He has taught at several universities including Harvard,

Columbia, New York University and Hofstra. In demand as a speaker, he has led many

small group Bible studies in the Old and New Testaments. Eric is the author of two other

books: Tree of Life (2003) and The Book Publisher's Handbook (2007).


Contact: Nancy Sayles, The Sayles Organization , 818-999-9571 ,


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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Now Playing: BOOKS just in!

The Book 'Spiriting Around' gives a head start on success

 Spirituality information you can use today

Cooper City, Fl , Jan 22, 2008 - Each of us depends on ourselves to succeed in life, to

create our survival, and to inspire the dreams in our imagination. That's life. That's a

soul's job. Everyone has to do it and, fortunately, everyone has the talent to do it. It's an

amazing system of limitless opportunities and each of us has to find a simple path

through it that makes sense to us in a controllable way. And the funny thing about

depending on ourselves to succeed in life is that everyone needs help. The good news is

that people have been doing this for a long time and have developed dependable systems

with rules people respect that any person can embrace as their first opportunity.


So here are 12 rules for a head start on success:


1) Success isn't about great public accomplishments. A person's love, their involvement

in life, and their intention to do well are the real meaning of success.

2) Everyone wants success-now! Feeling unsuccessful is uncomfortable. If someone is

feeling impatient and wants their success right away they should go eat a good meal,

buy a shirt, or play a game. Then get real because it all takes time.

3) Patience is the most practical path. Important goals can take a long time to achieve. It's

usually that way so accept the process and don't give up.

4) Know what you want, spell it out, act on it. A person doesn't wave a wand to

create their life; they build it with their responsibility, self-reliance, and effort.

5) Know the playing field, know the rules, and get the tools. Life's a work in progress

that never ends.

6) Respect hard work, courage, and an eye for opportunities. We build our lives on them.

7) Develop your resources. It's the same game for everyone. Get God involved. Have a

partner. Let God take some responsibility for your life.

8) Failure only comes when a person stops trying. It's okay to pace yourself. You're

not in a race with anyone. Your life is about you. You're not anyone else

9) Doing things the right way is the way to guarantee a person's complete success. We

need to learn to trust ourselves and trust life.

10) Believe that you can have what you want-and that love will give it to you.

11) Real success isn't about how well a person manages their money. It's about how

well they manage their love.

12) We should try to touch the love inside us in everything we do. Love is the essence of

spirituality so our spirituality is as real and practical as any other part of life. We

should use it and let it prove itself to us.



Now a person should be ready to learn everything they need to know that gives them

what they want. Then they can use it to engage life because life only asks a person for

one thing-leadership. If someone isn't sure they can do it, they're wrong. The

responsibility a person has for their life is theirs for a very good reason. They're capable

of doing it well.


About the book:

Spiriting Around: A Modern Guide to Finding Yourself by Mark Tomback

ISBN: 978-0-9755248-0-0

Publisher: Mooring Filed Books

Publish date: Feb 2006

Pages: 304

S.R.P.: $14.95


Available on and bookstores nationwide


About the author:

Mark Tomback has over 35 years experience in studying spiritual matters and it's always

come naturally to him. He currently lives in South Florida with his family.



Mark Tomback , 954-435-1672 , ,



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