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Saturday, 15 March 2008

The true life-after-death story of an Italian mother who continues to guide her

son from The Other Side


Henderson, NV, Mar 10, 2008 - Italian Mothers Never Die They Just Get Louder From The

Side is a true life-after-death story that follows the days and nights of author Marc Barone after

his beloved, overbearing, fiery mama passes on. Fortunately she doesn't go so far away as to not

be heard. In fact, as the years pass, he becomes quite used to her guiding presence, proving the

fact that a mothers bond transcends all barriers.


With humor and open hearted honesty, Barone takes us on a remarkable journey through his

abusive childhood and marriage, his days working in a world famous Manhattan restaurant, and

his passion to become a songwriter. His mom, Joia, is never too far away, as her presence and

advice follow his days, creating an indelible affect on her son's life-whether she is saving him

from dangerous situations, performing an exquisite Christmas miracle, or helping him find a job.


"I was engulfed in an unrelenting manic panic; in the middle of turning everything inside out

and upside down yet again when mom's faint voice stirred within me: "Calm down, son, you're

going to get your wallet back tomorrow."


I instantly stopped in my tracks, shocked at the absurd dialogue that had just invaded my fear-

crazed spirit. "Ha! That's a good one! I sarcastically said out loud. "I'm going to get it back

tomorrow? Yeah, right!!! That's really gonna happen!!! Apparently I've not only lost my wallet,

now I'm losing my mind!!! I sneered back at her.


The vibration of her voice stirred louder within me: "Marc, calm down! You're going to make

yourself sick if you don't! You need to go and eat something before your stomach does that



Unlike so many other accounts of a phenomenal nature that tend to be quite treacly in their

approach, Barone's story has a kind of in-your-face New York style that is addictively

entertaining. As an aspiring songwriter, the chapters of Barone's life are punctuated with well-

known lyrics from The Beatles, Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks and many others, but it is his own

musical offerings that truly haunt the pages.


About the book:

Italian Mothers Never Die: by Marc Barone

ISBN: 978-1432705244

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Date of publish: April 2007

Pages: 256

S.R.P.: $16.95



Note: Review copies of this book are available by replying to this e-mail.

Please include your mailing address.




Guadalajara, MX, Mar 10, 2008 - In This Life This Dream, author Michael

Graham develops a fast paced plot in the post WWII era.


A tale of romance, political conflict, and air combat set in the imaginary South American

republic of Asturia just after World War II, This Life, This Death explores the motives

and thoughts that govern its characters' actions, as well as the conflicting forces that

create the story and keep it moving. The struggle between Asturia's democratic

government and the totalitarian movement bent on its overthrow, the fight over control of

its natural resources, and the interpersonal conflicts among the men involved in the

fighting all converge to create a story that moves quickly to its climax.


This Life, This Death begins when its protagonist, a former fighter pilot named David

Bridgeman, flies out to a remote mountain airport to investigate the unexplained crash of

a fellow pilot. There, he makes a terrifying discovery: his colleague was the victim of a

deliberate attack. His discovery leads to others, and finally to a plot masterminded by a

fugitive secret-police officer to seize power and open Asturia's natural resources to

foreign exploitation. Bridgeman joins the country's fight, motivated by both a strong

sense of justice and also a deep attachment to an Asturian woman and her child. With the

plot against Asturia marching toward execution, he races against time to train a squadron

of new pilots who do not completely accept him or his methods, only to find himself in

command after the original commander is killed in action. At the end, he leads the

squadron to victory in a tumultuous air battle.


About the book:

This Life, This Death by Michael Graham

ISBN: 9781432719449

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Date of publish: Feb 2008

Pages: 332

S.R.P.: $13.95


About the author:

A native of California, Michael Graham lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico, where

he teaches English and linguistics at a religious college. A student of military and

political history, Mr. Graham is concerned about increasing competition for natural

resources and its consequences. This Life, This Death, his first novel, is built upon these

themes, as well as his intercultural experience.



Note: Review copies of this book are available by replying to this e-mail.

Please include your mailing address.>

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